Hi there! I’m Monica, 30 and living in Barcelona. I’m a photographer since I was 16 and nowadays I work as a wedding and family photographer.

But first, let’s rewind a little bit… Why am I doing wedding photography? It’s been a long path since I began seeing the world through a camera. Years ago, when the camera still was just a hobby, I ended up by chance taking pictures of an acquaintance’s wedding. That experience would plant a seed in me to aspire to capture pieces of the greatest moments of people’s life with my photography.

I like to define my photography style as close and natural, but you’re free to judge. I have a photojournalistic spirit so I try to capture what’s in front of me without influencing the moment, no preparation of the shot nor artificial poses. The result are some pictures in which you will fully recognize yourselves. My goal with the camera is to capture how people really are. 
On your wedding day, my work goes unnoticed for you and your guests. It is when someone does not know that is being photographed when the pictures are more authentic, that is how I want them and that is how I take them.

There is something that is key so everything goes as planned: we have to know each other beforehand. The trust between you and me is a must, and there is something that will help us get to that point: the pre-wedding photoshoot. This will consist in a shot while walking along the city, beach or fields in which it takes place. We can chat about you, the details of the wedding or your guests while we find the perfect background to your love story.

And you may ask, what about after the wedding? The photos I take start to get processed as soon as possible. I am aware that you will want to show the images to everybody and, to do so, my goal will be to have the pictures ready (or almost ready) for you when you get back from your honeymoon. This way you won’t have to wait to see them!

In summary, that’s how I live the weddings I shoot: photographing the party moments from inside, being close to you but at the same time becoming invisible and helping with everything I can on your special day.

Do you want to know more? You can find me at info@monamourweddings.com or using the contact form here, in this page :)

If you want to see more pictures of mine, you can see my wedding portfolio below or you can go to the "Galerías" page, there you will find my latests weddings and shootings. You can use this buttons:

Oh, and I don't use my camera just to take pictures, because sometimes I film videos too :) Do you want to see some of them?

Mon Amour Fotografía de bodas natural en Barcelona - Destination Weddings

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